Приключения с вином и едой
Винные туры по лучшим винодельням
Our experiences are an assurance of highest quality
Why choose us
"On my wine" – is a collection of private wine tours to different corners of the globe. We are certain that wine unites everyone in the world and helps speak the same language – the language of wine.
  • An individual approach to every participant of the tour

    The groups are made up of no more than 12 people, which allows us to offer our undivided attention to every single traveler.

  • An opportunity to pick a price range to your liking

    Each our tour can be adjusted according to the f0llowing service categories – ENJOY and SUPERIOR, so you can select accommodation, entertainment and meals at your convenience.

  • Partnership with wineries and expert sommeliers

    We collaborate directly with winery owners and professional sommeliers. Therefore, you are to visit only verified wineries which guarantee top quality products and services.

Увлекательные маршруты по топовым винодельням. Выбирайте страну, которая вам ближе всего.
Настоящие приключения с вином и едой
We support local communities and local wine makers, thus contributing to the development of wine-making and preservation of gastronomic traditions and culture.
We are determined to open your eyes to the cultural character of each wine region
Our mission